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4 05 2015

Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture 05/04/15


OK DC, now you’re just messing with us….



Seriously DC/WB?  This is the best you could come up with?  I mean I know it was a lot to ask that they not go with Hooker Harley, I totally expected them to make her a Juggalette,  but look at Killer Croc.  How the mighty have fallen, Arabeci.  I have to admit that the Deadshot outfit is pretty faithful, but there’s a line between faithful and practical, and this just makes him look like Jason Voorhees in Call of Duty.



Speaking of Jason Voorhees….


MKX Jason Trailer

There’s a trailer featuring Camp Crystal Lake’s favorite son in the most appropriate crossover ever: He’s in the new Mortal Kombat.  If you haven’t seen anything from the game, here:


All Fatalities


Yeah, I made it about 4 fatalities in.  It’s a fun game (when it works) but the fatalities/brutalities are a little overboard.  So Jason being added makes quite a bit of sense.  It’s a gory cartoon.


Speaking of Cartoons….



Rick and Morty comes back this summer.  I don’t have any other info, I’m just so damned excited about it I have to say something.  If you haven’t seen the best, most insane and fearless animated sitcom on TV right now, go on YouTube immediately and rectify this.  You owe it to yourself.


Speaking of “owing it to yourself”….



If you’re not watching The Flash, you need to fix this too.  Tonight, a man who can run faster than the speed of sound fights a giant, hyper-intelligent, telepathic gorilla at the behest of a time-traveler who shares Flash’s powers.  This is a thing that is on my TV in 2015, and I could not be happier.  Oh, and tomorrow Ollie doesn’t kill Dig at the behest of Arrow’s best villain (and wingman) Ra’s Al Ghul.  Oh, and if you don’t agree about this being the second best Ra’s (besides B:TAS) you’re totally wrong.



“Just go bang Ollie.  It’s his last night as a free man or whatever. We’ve been waiting since like season two.” 

Speaking of Batman.…

Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight comes out June 23.  Never finished City and skipped Origins, but this new trailer is a bullet aimed straight at my nerdy Batman-loving heart. John Noble as the Scarecrow!  The Batmobile!  Tons of attacks that looks suspiciously like they are breaking Batman’s “no killing” rule!  Seriously, take a look:     

Arkham Takedowns


Those guys are totally dead.  Oh, and the DLC will let you play some missions as the Barbra Gordon Batgirl…why they didn’t go with the more visually interesting Batwoman (Kate Kane) is beyond me.  Is she even still in the comics?





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