Speaking Of….05/14/15

14 05 2015

Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture


Despite the headline, I’m not super broken up over it, though Shearer has voiced some of The Simpsons’ best, funniest characters.  More than anything, I’m curious to see what they do about this.  Replace him?  Kill off ALL the characters he voices?  Or just phase them out, fade them into the background?  Shearer says he wants the freedom to pursue other projects, but I just don’t see The Simpsons as being that voice-intensive (though he does voice HALF of the supporting cast, it seems like).  My bet is that it’s part of the long-standing money feud between the cast of The Simpsons and Fox, and Shearer, at 70, is the only one ready to throw down the gauntlet.  I just hope this doesn’t lead to other cast members departing.  What do you think, should they recast?  Update:  His parts are being recast.  End of an era, folks.  Guess this is a message from the network than ANY of the cast can be replaced.

Speaking of The Simpsons….

Rick & Morty are going to be on The Simpsons opening intro, which is above.  It’s hilarious, because its Rick & Morty.  Full episode airs Sunday, May 17th.

Speaking of Things I’m Curious to See if They Turn Out To Be Trainwrecks….

And there’s the Supergirl trailer for CBS.  Seriously?  Coffee, glasses, and frazzled?  *rolls eyes*  It’s going up against Gotham next year, Mondays at 9.  If Gotham doesn’t get its shit together (and by getting its shit together I mean get weirder and give us more bonkers moments, those are the parts of the show that works) it could get clobbered by a show with built-in broader appeal (I TRIED to think of a better word than “broader”).

Speaking of Built-In Appeal….


Eddie Redmayne, who recently won an academy award will carry the torch for the Potterverse for a trilogy of films based on the very, very, very short “book” (it’s almost more of a pamphlet) Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  He’ll play Newt Scamander, who was originally rumored to be played by Matt Smith, whom I think is the much better choice for a fantasy academic.


But I’m biased.  Just swap out the sonic for a wand, and he’s perfect.


Speaking of Things I’m Definitely Going To Watch….

Mad Max: Fury Road comes out Friday.  All that stuff in the trailer?  Practical effects, mostly.  Everyone looks super badass.  Keep your Fast and/or Furious movies, I’ll take Max Rocktatansky (even if he’s played by Bane) any day.  Also, Charlize Theron looks super bad ass:


Speaking of Things I’m Afraid to Ask About….

So here’s the Jem and the Holograms trailer.  I have a vague idea of what Jem is and this just looks like another Disney TV Movie.  I assume any long-term fans (are there any?) are pissed at this.  *shrugs*


It was pretty rad.  You should be watching The Flash.




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