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18 05 2015

Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture 05/18/15


David Lynch Returning (again) (for real this time) to Showtime’s Twin Peaks Revival

You can start caring about the Twin Peaks revival again, because David Lynch has announced that he is not only back on the show, but is directing every episode of the upcoming third season.  I’ve been hurt too many times before though, so I’ll wait to celebrate until I’ve seen episode 2 at least.  Can’t wait to see Kyle Maclachlan return to Dale Cooper, especially after his gleefully bonkers turn as Calvin Zabo on Agents of SHIELD .

This man is a national treasure.

Speaking of Revisiting the Past….

Captain America:  Part 3:  Civil War is filming behind the office building I used to work at in Atlanta.  Those shanties?  I used to park there.  I wonder if I can still get back there with my work ID.  Chris Evans, Frank (Crossbones) Grillo, Scarlett Johannson, and Anthony (Falcon) Mackie have all been spotted on set, with Grillo giving us our first look at Crossbones, and Mackie sporting a new costume intergrating Falcon’s signature red color into it (no red and white spandex and Redwing, though)


A little Punisher for my tastes, but it certainly works.



Speaking of Revisiting the Past, part 2….


Gary Anthony Williams will be Bebop in (ugh) Ninja Turtles 2.  Even if the name isn’t familiar, Williams is a prolific actor, known especially doing voice work as Uncle Ruckus on Boondocks, and a long, long list of guest spots on TV shows.  You may know him as Smart Brother from Undercover Brother.  He’s fantastic comic voice actor, which means Bebop will be the best thing about (ugh) Ninja Turtles 2.

Speaking of Revisiting the Past, part 3….


Jonathan Betuel, writer of The Last Starfighter, is working on a sequel to the 1984 class The Last Starfighter. Or at least, that’s the internet chatter, as his comments are kind of cryptic. So is Gary Whitta, writer of Book of Eli, who is also a screenwriter on the first Star Wars spinoff film from Disney, Rogue One.  I for one would be psyched to see more of Alex defending the Frontier from the Ko-Dan Armada.

DEATH BLOSSOM. That’s all I have to say.

Speaking of Revisiting the Past, part the fourth….


Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson, having nothing better to do, have signed up for Shanghai Dawn, the third in a series of movies that started with Shanghai Noon (It’s ok, like Rush Hour in the Old West) and Shanghai Knights (meh, though it does star Lord Baelish himself as the villain and Quicksilver/Kick-Ass as Charlie Chaplin).  I guess, since this so-so action/comedy franchise was moderately successful twelve years ago, MGM felt the need to jumpstart the franchise again.  You know, because we were all clamoring for another sequel to another middling action-comedy.

Speaking of Nothing Better to Do….


These movies have artistic merit, dammit!

Kate Beckinsale, who I think is a better actress than these movies deserve, has signed up for a fifth(!) Underworld film.  I quit after the end of the second one, when she (a vampire) performed what amounted to a Mortal Kombat stage fatality on a vampire/werewolf/god hybrid, and I just shook my head and never looked back.  Were the others worth a damn?






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