Kung Fury is out, and it’s amazing

29 05 2015

If you haven’t heard of it, Kung Fury is a short film from a couple of Swedish guys who obviously have a deep and abiding love for everything 80’s.  It started as a trailer on Kickstarter, which you can view here:

As you can guess from that now-legendary trailer, tons of people backed it, and the filmmakers ended up with over a million dollars.  Money well spent, in my opinion, and the final product is just as jaw droppingly ludicrous as the trailer suggests.  Best part, it’s free on YouTube.  So if you’ve got thirty or so minutes to kill, and you want to watch a kung-fu cop and a valkyrie with an uzi riding a dinosaur, then please, by all means, don’t let me stop you…..

Oh, and be sure to check their other videos on the channel, especially the music video featuring David Hasselhoff.  You’re welcome.




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