Speaking Of….05/14/15

14 05 2015

Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture

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Speaking Of….05/11/15

11 05 2015

Brief thoughts on pop culture

The Conspiracy Theorists Must Be Right….

  Because “the government is trying to acclimate us to the idea of pre-crime” is the only possible reason I can see why FOX would pick up the Minority Report series for a full season sight unseen. It’s a sequel series set 10 years after the movie, where a now-released precog teams up with a detective to solve mysteries or some such network garbage. Who asked for this? 

Speaking of Asking for It….

  The era of American Idol is over. After 16 seasons it’s finally going off the air, wallowing the it’s death throes of irrelevance. Am I the only person that wasn’t aware it was still on? Is that super hipster of me to say?


 Apparently this is me.

Speaking of Hipsters….


 I’m not sure, but I think this image alone counts as a spoiler….

Another season of Orange is the New Black, another season of Laura Prepon and her hipster glasses. The show (now on season 3) is good, I’ve just never really gotten into it. Here is a trailer for season 3, coming June 12:

OITNB S3 Trailer
Speaking of Things I didn’t get into….


Yes, this is a poster to the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. It took me a minute (and imdb) to remember which “Die Hard in the White House” movie from 2013 this was a sequel to. Apparently not the one with Charming Potato and Jaime Foxx, but the other one.  


Lol @ anyone pretending they are different movies.

Speaking of getting stuff mixed up….

  I’ve been trying to write an article about all the network pick ups, renewals, and cancellations. But then I realized I don’t care about most of them, save the ones I already discussed in previous editions of Speaking Of….. So instead, here’s a concise, easy to read but in no way complete list of cancellations and renewals!

Agents of SHIELD
The 100
The Flash
American Crime
The Blacklist
Beauty and the Beast
The Big Bang Theory
Bob’s Burgers
Daredevil (Netflix)
iZombie (I keep hearing this is good)
The Last Man On Earth
Once Upon A Time
The Originals and Vampire Diaries 
The Simpsons (season 28!)

American Idol
The Following
Gracepoint (just watch Broadchurch)
Parks and Rec
Two and a Half Men

Speaking Of…05/10/15

10 05 2015

Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture

Agent Carter Gets Renewed,  Shouldn’t Have Even Been in Question



Marvel’s best network show (sorry, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) has officially been renewed, because despite all previous evidence ABC is not run by a team of drunken monkeys.  The first season was so different from everything else on TV, which is a trait that is getting more and more difficult to find. I am so looking forward to more of Peggy’s sharply-written adventures with Jarvis, Howard, and the gang.


Speaking of Sharply Written….



Game of Thrones keeps getting more and more off book, and I love it.  Not only is it nice not to know what’s going to happen just by the episode’s title, but it’s nice to be just as surprised as everyone else when a character who lives in the books dies in the show, or two characters that never meet in the books become traveling buddies on HBO.  And does it seem to anyone else that this season’s episodes feel five minutes long?  BTW, Barristan the Bold and brave Grey Worm FTW.



Speaking of “Brave” and “Bold”….



DC gets their own “Avengers” on TV…kind of.  Spinning out of Arrow/Flash TV universe,  Legends of Tomorrow stars Brandon Routh as the Atom, along with Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter, the Prison Break guys as Heat Wave and (Captain, dammit) Cold, Victor Garber as half of Firestorm for some reason, Caity Lotz as The Canary We Like 



(just please let that poor girl put her boobs away, they are nice, but I’m sure it gets cold in Vancouver), 


and Hawkgirl and probably Cyborg. As weird as it sounds, I’m totally on board.  Oh, and if you want Flash and Arrow to make sense this week? Wait to watch Flash after Arrow.  CW screwed up the scheduling a few weeks back, so they are out of order, explaining some of the continuity weirdness (i.e. Raylicity going back and forth on the shows)


Marvel, Sony Emails reveal their thoughts on a solo superheroine film



Well, this is kind of sad.  Apparently Sony reached out to Marvel via email about a woman-led superhero film (like the Black Widow movie we should have already gotten) and what they got back was a discouraging message indeed:

 From: “IP” 
To: “Lynton, Michael”
Subject: Female Movies
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 05:32:50 -0400
As we discussed on the phone, below are just a few examples. There are more.
1. Electra (Marvel) – Very bad idea and the end result was very, very bad. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=elektra.htm
2. Catwoman (WB/DC) – Catwoman was one of the most important female character within the Batmanfranchise. This film was a disaster. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=catwoman.htm
3. Supergirl – (DC) Supergirl was one of the most important female super hero in Superman franchise. This Movie came out in 1984 and did $14 million total domestic with opening weekend of $5.5 million. Again, another disaster.


Now I understand not betting on a losing horse, but one thing stands out about all of the movies listed…they’re terrible.  Elektra was a rushed, poorly written cash-in to a movie that was terrible to begin with (Fox’s Daredevil)…Catwoman was a poorly-written vanity project that suffered more ridicule than a movie had in a while, and Supergirl…look, I love Helen Slater, and at least it’s not as bad as Man of Steel.  You know what’s not on that list, though?  Daredevil.  Green Lantern.  Superman Returns.  Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.  Jonah Hex.  League of Extraordinary Gentleman.  The Spirit.  Steel.  The Rocketeer (a damn, damn good movie, still a box-office flop), The Phantom…


 My list can go on all day, Marvel. This pic could easily have been David Hasselhoff as Nick Fury, but I just couldn’t resist Reb Brown’s magnificent package.

Maybe if you wrote a good script, and put as much care into a She-Hulk movie, that you do your SECOND Captain America movie or your THIRD Iron Man movie (it was decent) you wouldn’t have to add it to the list of flops.  Women don’t make superhero movies suck, you guys make terrible superheroine films.


Speaking of Ignoring Flops….



 Following the most recent Dragon Ball Z theatrical film (yes they still make those), Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection “F”, a new sequel series to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super is set to premiere in Japan in July, and looks like it will completely disregard Dragon Ball GT, which sucked anyway. No word yet on when it comes to America.


Speaking of things that suck…



 Frank Miller is returning for Dark Knight III : The Master Race.  Yes, that is the real title.  Yes, Frank Miller lost his mind several years ago.  



Yes, Marvin. Yes it will.

But hey, Brad Bird’s Next Movie will be Incredibles 2!



That’s all I know.  I just had to share.  I’m excited. It’s still the best Fantastic Four movie out there.





Steven Seagal has become a secondary villain from one of his own movies

10 05 2015


You either die a hero, yadda yadda yadda…

The Dragon (TV Tropes standard warning applies)
The goatee says it all. Steven Seagal, “star” of Steven Seagal: Lawman (which is hilarious if you haven’t seen it) was at Russian President Vladmir Putin’s side during their Victory Day celebrations yesterday. I guess Putin takes him seriously over there, because we sure don’t. But doesn’t he look like he’s about to fight Mel Gibson or Jean-Claude Van Damme or something?

Speaking of….

9 05 2015

Speaking of…


Brief Thoughts on Pop Culture



Everyone and their mother is in Captain America: Civil War….



So Martin Freeman (possibly playing S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Everett Ross, liaison to Wakanda) and Emily Van Camp (blink and you’ll miss her as Sharon Carter in Winter Soldier) have joined the cast list of Captain America: Civil War, which at this point may as well be called Avengers 3.  The cast list now looks something like this:

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Cap), Scarlett Johansson (Black Widow/Natasha), Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye), Don Cheadle (War Machine), Daniel Bruhl (Baron Zemo), Paul Bettany (The Vision), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), Robert Downey, Jr. (Tony Stark/Iron Man), Anthony Mackie (The Falcon), William Hurt (General Ross, not seen since The Incredible Hulk with Ed Norton), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Frank Grillo (Crossbones), Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier), Emily Van Camp (Sharon Carter/Agent 13 and Peggy Carter’s niece), Martin Freeman (Everett Ross) and whoever they cast as Spider-Man.  I’m exhausted just typing that list out, and it worries me.  Maybe Civil War should have been a mini-series or Netflix series, because Ultron was overstuffed as it is, and Cap 3, if I’m remembering correctly, has to deal with Registration/the Index, introducing Spider-man and Black Panther, dealing with the fallout of Age of Ultron, AND finishing up the Winter Soldier story to bring Bucky back into the fold, PLUS establishing a new team of Avengers.  Getting all of these characters and stories together sounds cool, but really doing service to a story seems to be taking a back seat to crossovers and set-ups.  I just hope Marvel hasn’t lost their way


Speaking of Marvel…



By now you’ve heard everyone talking about how Daredevil on Netflix is amazing.  What you aren’t hearing is that everyone is absolutely right.  It’s “dark” and “gritty” in the sense that it’s somewhat realistic, violent, and shadow-heavy. It’s also funny, as all Marvel stuff is lately, and the characters feel more real than anything else Marvel has put out.  Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock is a guy I can totally see not only beating up thugs after confession, but dude has enough charm to pull off Daredevil’s real superpower – getting more ass than a public toilet.  Granted, most of Matt’s girlfriends end up crazy (Typhoid Mary)or fridged (all of the others), but still, it’s nice they kept in the fact that Daredevil is a giant whore.  Even after having seen just a few episodes, I enjoyed those more than Age of Ultron.  I’ll even add to the clamor of hyperbole and say that Daredevil is to superhero shows what Breaking Bad was to dramas.  It’s just that damn well done.  More small, well-crafted, and sharply scripted projects about street-level heroes please, Marvel.


Maybe one about Moon Knight….



Speaking of Street Level “Heroes”….



AMC’s Preacher has cast the lead trio, with Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as Tulip O’Hare, and Joseph Gilgun as Proinsias Cassidy.  Don’t know much about Gilgun, since I missed Ripper Street and Misfits, but I’m sure I’ll get around to them eventually.  Cooper has been fantastic on Agent Carter as Tony Stark’s suave playboy dad Howard, and even more so in the so-trashy-and-lurid-it’s-amazing Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond.  I’d cast Cooper as the next Bond in a second, but he seems too refined, too classy for the educated, though thoroughly backwoods Jesse Custer.  And while Negga is great as Raina/Sonic the Hedgehog on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I don’t know that I see her as Tulip, especially after reading the sad character description: 

 Tulip is described by Deadline as “a volatile, action-packed, sexified force of nature, a capable, unrepentant criminal with a love of fashion and ability to construct helicopter-downing bazookas out of coffee cans and corn shine who’s not afraid to steal, kill or corn cob-stab her way out of a bad situation.” 

That only sounds vaguely like Tulip O’Hare, but I like Goldberg and Rogen so I’m willing to give it a shot.


Speaking of Shots….



That last shot on Gotham’s finale really pissed me off, especially after being on the “Next Time” previews for the LAST TWO EPISODES.  DEAR MOVIE AND TV MARKETERS PLEASE STOP DOING STUPID SHIT LIKE THIS.  Gotham’s inaugural season was pretty hit or miss, though it was strong enough that I’m planning on sticking with it.  Penguin is the whole show, but I’m really curious how they show Riddler’s rise and possibly start delving into the weird shit that seems to be Gotham’s strong suit:  bleak camp.  Oh, and more Jim Gordon yelling at people please, Ben Mackenzie’s great at playing righteously pissed off.  But the secret behind the fireplace was complete bullshit.  I guess next year will be the mystery of how Thomas Wayne was the original Batman?


Speaking of MYSTeries…. 


Reportedly a Myst TV series is coming to Hulu.  I will assume it won’t be all shot in first-person.  It’s from Matt Tolmach, who produced The Amazing Spider-Man movies (that I have no desire to see, despite Emma Stone being adorable).  I can’t imagine this leading to anything worthwhile.  Just go to GoG.com and buy the original point and click adventure game.  It’ll be more rewarding.


Finally, Speaking of FTW….



A few days ago I mentioned Jason Voorhees showing up in the new Mortal Kombat.  Well, he’s available now, and he’s pretty damned awesome.  His fatalities feel a bit more toned-down than the over-the-top, torture porn level of violence and sadism displayed by the other characters, but he feels brutal and unstoppable, as he should be.  Now if they’d just make a Friday the 13th movie that can live up to Jason X (I’m totally serious about that, it’s the best, purest Jason movie of all of them).

I don’t know where this came from…

4 05 2015

but it’s hilarious if you’re a fan of The Flash.


Please excuse the mess…

4 05 2015

im just getting this thing started up again, so there will be some hiccups. As you can see, I’m still working out some kinks. Stick with me, I promise it gets better from here on out. In the meantime, here’s and interesting new tidbit….

H2 is dead, long live VICE

Or whatever. H2 is going away for good, to be replaced by Shane Smith’s new VICE network. However you feel about VICE and its brand of journalism, no matter what it’s got to be better than the cast offs from the increasingly mis-named History Channel. Wait, I just read that Kanye might have a new show on there. Never mind, keep ignoring this channel.