Speaking Of….05/11/15

11 05 2015

Brief thoughts on pop culture

The Conspiracy Theorists Must Be Right….

  Because “the government is trying to acclimate us to the idea of pre-crime” is the only possible reason I can see why FOX would pick up the Minority Report series for a full season sight unseen. It’s a sequel series set 10 years after the movie, where a now-released precog teams up with a detective to solve mysteries or some such network garbage. Who asked for this? 

Speaking of Asking for It….

  The era of American Idol is over. After 16 seasons it’s finally going off the air, wallowing the it’s death throes of irrelevance. Am I the only person that wasn’t aware it was still on? Is that super hipster of me to say?


 Apparently this is me.

Speaking of Hipsters….


 I’m not sure, but I think this image alone counts as a spoiler….

Another season of Orange is the New Black, another season of Laura Prepon and her hipster glasses. The show (now on season 3) is good, I’ve just never really gotten into it. Here is a trailer for season 3, coming June 12:

OITNB S3 Trailer
Speaking of Things I didn’t get into….


Yes, this is a poster to the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. It took me a minute (and imdb) to remember which “Die Hard in the White House” movie from 2013 this was a sequel to. Apparently not the one with Charming Potato and Jaime Foxx, but the other one.  


Lol @ anyone pretending they are different movies.

Speaking of getting stuff mixed up….

  I’ve been trying to write an article about all the network pick ups, renewals, and cancellations. But then I realized I don’t care about most of them, save the ones I already discussed in previous editions of Speaking Of….. So instead, here’s a concise, easy to read but in no way complete list of cancellations and renewals!

Agents of SHIELD
The 100
The Flash
American Crime
The Blacklist
Beauty and the Beast
The Big Bang Theory
Bob’s Burgers
Daredevil (Netflix)
iZombie (I keep hearing this is good)
The Last Man On Earth
Once Upon A Time
The Originals and Vampire Diaries 
The Simpsons (season 28!)

American Idol
The Following
Gracepoint (just watch Broadchurch)
Parks and Rec
Two and a Half Men